Is the WHMIS course specific to Provincial requirements or is it recognized anywhere in Canada?

Our WHMIS 2015 Training has been developed to meet and exceed both Provincial and Federal OHS standards and is industry recoginized across Canada.

Can I take the entire course online?

Yes, the full WHMIS Training course is available to be completed 100% online along with all of the benefits provided by online training.

Is the WHMIS Training course industry recognized in Canada?

Yes, our team has over 10 years experience developing courses that have been used to successfully train hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies spanning a wide vairiety of industries across Canada.

Are there any discounts for training multiple staff members?

Yes, we offer tiered discounts available automatically at the checkout for up to 100 staff. If you have more than 100 staff members requiring training please contact us for special pricing and features available as part of our enterprise solutions accounts.

I need to complete my training in time to start work tomorrow - when will I recieve my certificate?

Certificates are available immediately for download upon successful completion of your exam. You can then print your certificate in both wall mount and wallet sizes. If you have any issues with exam completion and accessing your certificate please contact support and we'll work to resolve it as soon as possible.

Are there any additional materials such as books or DVD's required to complete the course?

No, the full course and exam is 100% available through our online platform including the course media for each module and exam system.

How much are the fees for account registration?

Registering an account on the platform is free, users are only required to pay for courses and services as needed.

Do accounts or course credits expire?

No, accounts and course credits are valid and available for use for as long as needed.

How much time is usually needed to complete the WHMIS course?

The WHMIS course can normally be completed in about 45 minutes, however there is no specific time limit and you are able to pause and resume the course at your own discretion.