Refund Policy

The following is a clear explanation of how our Refund Policy works and in what scenarios you will be entitled to either a refund or credit.

ScenarioRefund Applicable
Course Not StartedRefund Available
Course In ProgressNo Refund Available
Course CompletedNo Refund Available
Incorrect Course In ProgressCredit / Conditional Refund Available
Unable to Access Course due to Technical IssuesConditional Refund Available

Course Not Started

If you have purchased a course and have not yet started the course, you are entitled to a full refund.

Course in Progress

If you have purchased a course and are already in the process of completing the course, you are Not Entitled to a refund.

Course Completed

If you have purchased a course and already completed the course, you are Not Entitled to a refund. This includes if you fail the course.

Course in Progress but Incorrect Course

If you have purchased a course and have not completed more than 1 module of course work before realizing you have purchased the wrong course, you will be entitled to credit to purchase another course and either be billed for the difference in price or receive a refund. No taxes or service fees will be refunded.

Unable to access course for Technical Reasons

If you are unable to access a course for technical reasons, please call us at 1-855-365-SAFE and we will be more than happy to assist you during our business hours. Please ensure that you meet the following system requirements before calling:
  • Running Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox
  • Install Adobe Flash Reader
  • Install Java Runtime Environment
If after reasonable troubleshooting we have determined that WHMIS 365 is at fault for a technical error that will restrict access to the course you have purchased for a period of more than 24 hours, then you are entitled to a refund. In no other cases will refunds or credits be given for technical problems relating to accessing both the website user areas and courses.

Refund Processing:

In the event that a refund is given, it will be processed via the same medium that the original purchase was made. Please allow at least 7 working business days for refunds or credits to be issued. No applicable taxes or service fees will be refunded under any circumstance.
WHMIS 2015 (GHS) Certification


Regular Price: $ 29.95

We provide both Team or Individual certification training for WHIMS 2015 available online 365 days a year.

Course Credit Pricing

5 - 9 Credits: $15.95
10 - 24 Credit: $12.95
25 - 49 Credits: $9.95
50 - 99 Credits: $7.95
100+ Credits: $5.95

Course Credits Do Not Expire

Call: 1-855-365-SAFE
Email: [email protected]

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