WHMIS for Co-op Students / Interns

WHMIS for Interns

Though WHMIS training is only legally required for paid employees, it is still essential to provide general WHMIS training to anyone who might be exposed to hazardous products in the workplace. This means that volunteers, interns, and co-op students, who do not technically meet the definition of workers in many Canadian jurisdictions and are therefore not legally required to go through WHMIS education, should absolutely still receive general training if they will encounter hazardous materials while executing their duties.

Even Interns and Co-op Students Need WHMIS

It is important that everyone in a workplace that contains controlled materials knows how to handle those materials and how to keep themselves and their coworkers safe. Even temporary employees, volunteers, and interns, who will only be with a company or in a workplace for a short period of time, should still know how to handle controlled products safely and how to respond to spills and emergencies, should they come up. In addition, interns and co-op students are typically training for careers in the fields in which they are volunteering. This means that WHMIS training will help prepare them for the workforce, so they will be more capable workers when they do become paid employees.

WHMIS 2015 (GHS) Certification


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