WHMIS for Agriculture and Forestry

WHMIS for Agriculture and Forestry

People who work in agriculture or forestry need WHMIS training to stay safe at work. Not only are workers in these industries at risk of mechanical injuries from operating heavy equipment and machines, but agriculture and forestry employees are also exposed to many chemical hazards can cause a wide range of injuries or even death.

Industry Risks for Agriculture and Forestry Workers

Respiratory hazards are common to agriculture workers, which can cause illnesses like chronic bronchitis, organic dust toxic syndrome (ODTS), and farmer’s lung. These injuries can be acute or chronic, and at worst can be life altering or deadly. They can be caused by environmental hazards like dust and mold as well as from chemical hazards like nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, and methane.

Many forestry and agriculture workers also experience skin disorders like contact dermatitis, resulting from on-the-job irritants and allergens. Chemicals like pesticides can be incredibly dangerous, and require proper training and personal protective equipment. Some negative reactions to chemicals can result from immediate contact with sensitizers and go away once the worker is no longer exposed to the substance, but others can develop into infections and chronic conditions like skin cancer.

WHMIS Training is the Best Way to Stay Safe

The best way to keep yourself and coworkers safe in agriculture and forestry industries is to take a WHMIS 2015 certification program that teaches you to read GHS compliant labels on chemical hazards, appropriate protective equipment, and how to respond to an emergency on the job.

WHMIS 2015 (GHS) Certification


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We provide both Team or Individual certification training for WHIMS 2015 available online 365 days a year.

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