WHMIS in Offices

WHMIS in Offices

All employees who work with or near hazardous materials need WHMIS training. This is obvious when it comes to factory workers and contractors, for example, but can be less clear when it comes to office jobs. Many companies fail to provide WHMIS training for office workers, which can be extremely dangerous. OSHA does indeed make an exception for “household consumer products” like Windex and tape, as long as workers only use them infrequently and in limited duration. But any workers who will be routinely exposed to hazardous chemicals like industrial cleaning products, as well as those who pick up or deliver boxes of controlled products, require WHMIS training.

Better Safe Than Sorry, Even in the Office

Employers are liable for making sure that employees who handle or routinely encounter controlled products are certified under WHMIS. If it is unclear whether or not an employee will be “routinely exposed,” it is far better to ensure that they receive general WHMIS training than to omit it and risk a fine, or worse. When dangerous chemicals are concerned, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Making sure that all eligible employees receive WHMIS 2015 training is the best way to ensure that all employees in the workplace are safe and able to respond to an emergency if it arises.

WHMIS 2015 (GHS) Certification


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