Why can't I see my name and tracking number on the certificate?

The certificate is available as a PDF - please ensure you are using up to date software to view the PDF. If you still have issues with the certificate information and formatting please contact us.

How can I change the name displayed on my certificate?

Before you complete your course, please fill out your account information on the "My Account" page. If you have other issues with the name displayed on the certificate please contact us.

Where can I find my login information?

When you purchase a training course we automatically send you an email with your login information. Please refer to this email to view your login details. You can also use the Forgot Password function to reset your password via email.

I can't view the course presentation.

Please ensure you are using an up to date browser. All courses are displayed using an HTML5 media presentation player and do not require any special plugins or additional software.

Can I take the course on mobile?

Yes, your course and most platform features should should work correctly on mobile devices like iPhones, iPads etc...