WHMIS in Schools, For Students and Teachers


WHMIS is as important in schools as it is on any other worksite. Teachers who work in fields like biology and chemistry, as well as those who teach automotive or shop classes, are likely to be exposed to hazardous products and chemicals. This means that teachers in these fields need to be educated and certified under WHMIS 2015, the updated WHMIS system that now includes the Globally Harmonized System, or GHS. All teachers in these fields need to be able to read and understand GHS compliant labels and SDSs, and to use and provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). In a classroom setting, teachers are liable for ensuring that all hazardous materials are properly identified and controlled, with visible product labels that comply with WHMIS 2015 standards.

WHMIS in Schools

WHMIS training is only technically mandatory for paid employees. Students, like volunteers, are not paid, and therefore not legally required to undergo WHMIS training. Nevertheless, many institutions choose to educate and train students in WHMIS if they work with hazardous products or may be exposed to them in the classroom. In fact, WHMIS education is often included as a part of course curriculum in various STEM fields. Whether paid or unpaid, is important that anyone who will be handling hazardous materials in schools know how to do so safely, and how to react in emergency situations, should they arise.

WHMIS 2015 (GHS) Certification


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